Wee Midgie Range

An award-winning natural product - now proven to be an effective insect repellent, for both midges and mozzies!

Made with essential oils, that protect and nourish your skin.  Contains no harsh chemicals and smells good too!

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Wee Midgie Candle Tin

Camping, caravanning, picnics, holidays - our award winning candle is an essential piece of kit!   Wee Midgie candle tins are hand poured using a unique blend of natural fragrances - Lavender and Bog Myrtle. Smells fab and can be used indoors too.   With an approx burning&nbs..


Wee Midgie Lotion New

Wee Midgie Lotion

Try our gorgeous new Wee Midgie Lotion - you will love it!  Handmade in Scotland, our Wee Midgie Lotion contains a blend of the finest essential oils , which throughout history have proved to be effective insect-repellents.Suitable for all outdoor pursuits, our midge lotion has been t..


Wee Midgie Candle Jar

Perfect for in the garden!   Wee Midgie candle jars are perfect for those nights when you want to relax in the garden and the insects decide to join you! Hand poured in Scotland with a unique blend of 2 natural fragrances - Lavender and Bog Myrtle.  Smells so good you'll wa..


Wee Midgie Body Butter

Try our gorgeous award winning  body butter - you will love it!   Handmade in Scotland, our award-winning Wee Midgie Body Butter contains a blend of the finest essential oils and butters, which throughout history have proved to be effective insect-repellents. Suitable for a..


Wee Midgie Spray

Now available - a Wee Midgie product, in a compact spray.   Wee Midgie spray is made with the finest quality essential oils, to protect and nourish your skin.  The 50ml bottle is perfect for use on the go and with the same formula as our award-winning Wee Midgie Body Butter, will h..


Wee Midgie Minis Travel Kit

Wee Midgie Mini's - Travel Kit     Everything you need in one handy kit.   Containing smaller versions of our award winning Wee Midgie Body Butter, Wee Midgie Spray and a Wee Midgie candle tin. Made in Scotland using the finest quality essential and fragrance oils, to make sure ..


Wee Midgie Tea Towel

Cunningly disguised as a t-towel, it can play an multi-functional role in your anti-midge arsenal. Sprayed with Wee Midgie spray it may also be  an effective deterrent when used as a head or neck scarf.  Draped over your picnic or outdoor party food, it will help to keep the pests away...


Wee Midgie Re-usable Cotton Bag

Introducing the Wee Midgie Cotton Bag.     This handy cotton bag, featuring our fun 'Wee Midgie' characters, will brighten any shopping trip. Easy to fold up and pop in a handbag, to be used again and again.  No more unattractive carrier bags! Supplied gift wrapped. Wee Mi..