Deck The Paws With Bones and Holly Pet Friendly Candle

Deck The Paws With Bones and Holly Pet Friendly Candle


Deck The Paws With Bones and Holly!

. gorgeous pet friendly candle

. hand poured luxury

. odour neutralising

. vegan friendly

. approx 40 burning hours

. gift boxed

. hand finished with cute wax hearts

deck the paws with bones & holly - christmas dinner and yummy treats, meeting fur friends and chasing crunchy leaves in the park, a blend of aromatic spices with a burst of refreshing citrus filling your home!

Are essential oils safe for dogs and cats?

During our research for Melts For Pets, we found that certain essential oils can be harmful to pets.  We consulted with experts who have worked with animals for over 40 years.  The advice we received was that 'less is more'.

This has helped us to blend specific scents with just the right amount of fragrance that will help your home to smell fresh and gorgeous, without irritating your furry friend. 

We use only the finest quality mineral & vegetable wax and the best of the UK's fragrance oils in our candles.

We are so excited to announce that DeKassa Fine Fragrance will be donating 10% from each sale in the Melts For Pets range to the Scottish SPCA.

As Scotland’s emergency service for animals, the Scottish SPCA responds to more than 140 reports of animals in need every single day. Each donation gives hope to animals and will make a real difference.  







DeKassa Fine Fragrance has chosen to donate 10% from the sale price of each item in the Melts for Pets range to the Scottish SPCA (Scottish Charity No. SC 006467). This donation does not imply that the charity endorses this product in any way