Best Dog Dad Ever Candle

Best Dog Dad Ever Candle


Best Dog Dad Ever!

He walks the dog, feeds the dog, baths the dog. 

He deserves the perfect gift, delivered with a fab matching gift box.  

We hand blend and hand pour every single candle in our cosy workshop here in the UK. 

Using a blend of the finest quality mineral and vegetable wax ensures our candles burn cleanly, evenly and smell amazing! 

Our oils are made by the UK's top fragrance houses.

Vegan and pet friendly. 

Choose from 2 fab scents:

Amber & Fresh Jasmine - A softly masculine fragrance, rounded with notes of bergamot and fresh fig, resting on a base of amber musk

Black Oud - A very masculine, sensual fragrance layered with sandalwood, saffron and black pepper, that girls love too!