DeKassa BestDog Mum at Christmas scented candle
DeKassa BestDog Mum at Christmas scented candle
Best Dog Mum At Christmas! - Luxury Scented Candle

Best Dog Mum At Christmas! - Luxury Scented Candle


The perfect gift for the Best Dog Mum at Christmas!  

Are scented candles dog friendly? During our research for a pet friendly range of candles we found that certain essential oils can be harmful to pets.  We consulted with experts who have worked with animals for over 40 years.  The advice we received was that 'less is more'

This has helped us to blend our scented candles with just the right amount of fragrance that will ensure your home smells fresh and gorgeous, without irritating your furry friend

Our candles are hand poured in the UK and are beautifully gift boxed

Using a blend of the finest quality mineral and vegetable wax ensures our candles burn cleanly, evenly and smell amazing! 

We only use fragrance oils produced by the UK's top fragrance house in our candles

Vegan and pet friendly

You'll love these 3 fab scents:

Amber & Fresh Jasmine - rounded with notes of bergamot and fresh fig, resting on a base of amber musk

Sandalwood & Orange Blossom - the warm heart of sandalwood leads to a freshness of sun drenched orange blossom

Honeyed Peach & Lemon - sparkling citrus top notes resting on a smooth base of aromatic peach

Approx 40 fantastic burning hours.  Height - 85mm, width - 70mm.

Our gift boxes and glass are fully recyclable. When you are finished burning your candle, simply clean out the wax to use the gorgeous tumbler for your favourite drink!