DeKassa Fine Fragrance MOZpro and Wee Midgie Insect Repellent

MOZpro & Wee Midgie

Going away? Don't leave home without it! An essential piece of kit for holidays and enjoying the outdoors

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"MOZpro is the best insect repellent I have ever used. Wouldn't go abroad without a supply of this in my case. Candles are great for sitting outside at night too"

Marie Fletcher

"Would not buy any other candles now. The quality is fantastic and I love all the fragrances!!"

Fiona White

"Love the new Reed Diffusers and candles to match. Fab birthday or new home gifts! The white gloss candles are so elegant"

Sophie MacDonald

Dekassa Fine Fragrance - who are we?

Hand blended and hand poured candles & reed diffusers is our passion. 

Luxury fragrance made with the finest wax and oils is what we love to do. 

Dekassa has the widest range of scented candles and reed diffusers for birthdays, weddings and gorgeous gifts.

Our candles are VEGAN friendly, our reed diffusers are made with ingredients that are eco friendly and have a low carbon footprint.

The environment and recycling is hugely important to us.  Our gift boxes are recyclable, our glass candle holders can be re-used for your favourite drink and our candle tins are aluminium, so totally recyclable.

We also produce fantastic insect repelling candles and natural skin care that we love - midges and mozzies don't! Wee Midgie candles smell amazing and are extremely effective at keeping midges and mosquitoes at bay. Mozpro and Wee Myrtle natural skin care will moisturise, hydrate and protect your skin.  It has been scientifically tested and proven to be an effective insect repellent.

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