About us

We are 3 girls and 2 dogs, hand blending and hand pouring our fab candles with love and care.  Our dogs love to stop production for a cuddle and keep us company in our cosy workshop.  Bella is a very noisy ball of fluff and Diesel is a gentle husky who loves to talk too!

After selling Yankee Candles for years, and becoming one of their top retailers in Scotland, we decided to try making our own.  We bought a candle making kit, made some candles in a pot on the cooker and asked our Yankee customers to try them out.   We knew they had to be as good as Yankee Candle or our customers wouldn't buy them, so that was our bench mark.  Our customers loved them!   So in 2007 we started manufacturing our own exclusive ranges.

Every candle we produce is made with the finest quality mineral & vegetable wax and are vegan friendly.  We only use oils from the UK's top fragrance houses.

Providing a friendly service is really important to us and we love working closely with our customers.

Our Wee Midgie/Wee Myrtle isn't just for midges, the products can be used for mosquitoes too!

We wanted to produce a range that contained no harsh chemicals, feels lovely on your skin and smells good!   Wee Myrtle is natural skin care that protects your skin in so many ways.

Our delighted customers send us amazing feedback telling us how successful the Wee Midgie and Wee Myrtle range has been for them.  We love hearing that!