amazing mum scented candle
amazing mum scented candle
My Amazing Mum! - Luxury Hand Poured Gloss Candle

My Amazing Mum! - Luxury Hand Poured Gloss Candle


My Amazing Mum!  

Indulge in a moment of opulence with this stunningly hand-poured, luxury white gloss candle

A choice of 3 capitvating aromas to fill each room in your home, creating a tranquil and luxurious environment

Each candle is crafted to perfection in the UK, and presented in a gift-box - making it the perfect present for any special occasion 

By using a blend of the finest quality mineral and vegetable wax helps to ensure our  candles burn cleanly, evenly and smell amazing! 

Our fragrance oils are produced by the UK's top fragrance house

Vegan and pet friendly

Choose from 3 fab scents:

Amber & Fresh Jasmine - rounded with notes of bergamot and fresh fig, resting on a base of amber musk

Pomegranate Rouge - Sumptuous blend of rich, fruity red berries

Angel Wishes - pink candy floss and white sugar, softly finished with crushed vanilla pods

Approx 40 fantastic burning hours.  Height - 85mm, width - 70mm.

Our gift boxes and glass are fully recyclable. When you are finished burning your candle, simply clean out the wax to use the gorgeous jar for your favourite drink!