pink champagne scented cocktail candle

Pink Champagne | Luxury Scented Cocktail Candle


Pink Champagne - Luxury Scented Cocktail Candle

Make your home feel like an exclusive cocktail lounge with this Pink Champagne luxury scented candle

With pink bubbles, a hint of strawberry, and a delicate champagne aroma, this candle will transform your space into a vibrant and sophisticated atmosphere

Light up your night with this luxurious indulgence!

Beautifully hand finished with a sweet wax heart 

We hand blend and hand pour every single candle in our workshop here in the UK

Using a blend of the finest quality mineral and vegetable wax ensures our candles burn cleanly, evenly and smell amazing! 

Our fragrance oils are produced by the UK's top fragrance house

Vegan and pet friendly

Approx 40 fantastic burning hours.  Height - 85mm, width - 70mm.

Our gift boxes and glass are fully recyclable. When you are finished burning your candle, simply clean out the wax to use the gorgeous jar for your favourite drink!